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Warm water or Cold water. What's Best?

American Culture Loves cold water. Its a norm to have a boatload of ice in your water but is it actually good for you to drink cold water? Its actually bad for you to drink cold water.

Drinking Hot or room temperature water is the ideal most beneficial way to drink water.

Benefits of drinking warm or hot water are

Help weight Loss

Improve Circulation

Pain Relief

Aides digestion and Bowel Movements

Why is drinking cold water un healthy for you?

  • When you drink cold water, your body has to expend energy to warm up the water in order to use it.

  • Cold water constricts blood vessels, thus reducing hydration and its absorbability.

  • Drinking cold water solidifies the fats in your food, causing your body to have to work harder in digesting the food.

  • Cold water creates excess mucus in your respiratory system. When your lungs get congested, you are more susceptible to various infections and chances of a throat infection are higher.

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