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Wellness Massage Packages  $90Hr

Energy Enhancing Massage

Massage focuses on releasing energetic blockages on the body.  Its a intuitive analysis of what areas are energetically blocked.  Then a fluid medium pressure massage is done on entire body.  Fingers, Toes everything within comfort zone.

 Energy enhancer patches are applied at end of massage

to stimulate and kickstart your body's energy-Qi

and overall well being.  

De Stress Massage

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De Stress Massage

Therapeutically relaxing.  Fluid and medium light.  Aeon Patch is applied to Right Ear During Massage.  After turning onto back Aeon Patch is applied between Shoulder Blades.  Creates lasting effect for relaxing massage experience.  

Detox Massage

Detox Massage

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massage deisgned to stimulate the flushing and detoxing of the glands organs and tissues.  Face, neck, head, lymph nodes, Fingers, toes and head.  Then a diet change and Lifewave Patch Detox 5 day protocol followed.  

Couples Massage

Events/ Partys

Mobile Massage-Wellness

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